Quintodecimo Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles 2021

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(not yet reviewed, 2018 review below for reference)

95 points - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, August 2021

The Quintodecimo 2018 Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles is another masterpiece from Luigi Moio, one of the great voices of Campania wine. This release of 33,000 bottles is a beautifully golden wine that shines with honey, peach and poached pear. It is layered and texturally rich with more honey-like sensation on the close, especially in terms of the wine's soft and slightly sweet mouthfeel. Each year, I so look forward to tasting these exciting wines from Quintodecimo and share the sheer happiness they bring me.

Monica Larner

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