bhn n.15 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2-pack

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This exquisite, velvety, glossy Extra Virgin Olive Oil arrives directly from where it is made, in Trapani, Sicily.  With only 1,000 bottles available, it is artfully created by a technique employed by the same family for generations. On the surface, it sparkles, with inflections of herbaceous green. Hints of artichoke and green tomato arouse aromas, the result of manual cropping Belice Nocellara (10%), Cerasuola (60%), and Biancolilla (10%) olives, cultivated 110 mt. above sea level. Manual cropping helps to maintain healthier tress and olive crops are crushed twice a day, at 11:00 AM, and after 5:00 PM at the end of the daily harvest during peak season. This golden elixir demonstrates an intensely fruity, perfectly bitter flavor profile and spicy nose, thanks to continuous cold-pressing, which ensures that you are tasting the purest expression of the olive.

Sold in 2-pack bottles.


Pairs Beautifully with:

The silky aromas and flavor profile of this 2021 EVOO are destined for bold sauces, swordfish, branzino, vegetables, tuna, red meat or a simple salad.  

How to serve:  

Premium quality extra virgin olive oil elevates every ingredient it touches. It is unrivaled in its flavor, and because it can be used in high-heat cooking, it’s superb for frying, sautéing, baking, and more. Our thoughts? It’s perfect with a dollop of Maldon sea salt, for dipping bread. Infused with some fresh garlic, it’s sensational as a dip for fresh crudité, or a simple salad dressing base. It elevates any cheese or charcuterie board. It can even be delicious over ice cream or gelato (again, a pinch of Maldon can’t hurt!). No. 15 is probably our most highly versatile product. 

And about this label…

The label on the bottle of the bhn No. 15 2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil was hand-drawn by co-founder Marco. It is Inspired by and based on an old photograph that the founders hold dear- of the seaside in Trapani, Sicily, where they spent many years honing their craft. 

Who Knew? Olive Oil Vol. 1

  • You need five to six kilograms of olives to obtain one liter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is approximately 5,200 to 8,000 olives.
  • Olive oil itself is naturally cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrate-free.
  • On average, an olive tree can live between 300 and 600 years.
  • All olives start out green and then turn black or a dark purple as they ripen.
  • Baked goods will last longer when you substitute olive oil for butter. It is the vitamin E and polyphenols that causes this longer shelf life.
  • During the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the old tradition of crowning Olympians with olive sprays was brought back to life. Over 2,550 olive branches were utilized to revive this tradition. The flags of seven nations, four U.S. states, and the United Nations themselves all feature an olive branch.
  • Olive oil is also known as “liquid gold,” a term made popular by the great Ancient Greek writer Homer. Oil was valued so highly at one point that olive oil was used as currency.
  • Olive trees have 46 chromosomes, which is the same number of chromosomes that we humans have.
  • There are three towns and one city in the U.S. that are named “Olive Branch.”

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